Canadian Defence and Security Network


Connecting Academics, Defence Scientists, the Military, and Civil Society

The Canadian Defence and Security Network consists of more than 30 partners in Canada and beyond, including over one hundred scholars. Based at Carleton University, we aim to bring together academics, policy-makers, military officers, and civil society in Canada and connect them to those elsewhere. We use traditional and social media to amplify the research, and we will be developing a variety of training and networking activities to foster a more inclusive next generation of defence and security scholars, scientists, and policy officers.

Creating a coherent, world-class research network

Advancing the body of knowledge

Tailoring research initiatives, directly informing policymaking

Facilitating cross-sector information and data sharing

Improving the defence and security literacy of Canadians

Building the next generation of experts with an emphasis on equity, diversity and inclusion




5108 Richcraft Hall. Carleton University
Ottawa, ON


613 520-2600 x. 2924



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