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CDSN-RCDS Workshop Series: Security Theme

  • 2325 Rue de l'Université laval (map)

Researching Canadian defense and security: Exploring research diversity, empirical obstacles, and communication challenges at a critical juncture for knowledge development

According to the 2014, survey of 267 professors teaching and researching in international politics (TRIP) in Canada, over 74% identify qualitative approaches as their primary methodology, followed by 11% citing policy analysis and a little over 6% favoring quantitative methods1. Formal and experimental methodologies remain rare as primary methods in the US with only around 2.5% self-identifying compared to less than 1% of Canadians; that notwithstanding among secondary methods in the US, they are declared by 15% declare compared to 5% of Canadian colleagues. Among qualitative methods employed, Canadian scholars deploy a variety of techniques though over half identified single case and two-thirds comparative case studies. Extrapolating those trends, the number of scholars practicing non-qualitative methods in the Canadian community is still 5 times smaller than the equivalent minority community using primarily quantitative methods in the U.S. and there are less than three dozen scholars in Canada using formal or experimental modeling examining international politics.

Year 1 (2019): Exploring methodological diversity in the study of defense and security in Canada

Canada faces a methodological diversity challenge producing knowledge using non-qualitative methods. This conference aims to tackle the diversity challenge directly by presenting a cutting-edge program including both established and emerging scholars to offer presentations on various contemporary methods. The CDSN’s mandate is to ensure diversity and inclusion regarding opportunities and outputs of defense and security research in Canada. Its member’s are dedicated to evidence-based policy analysis employing a diversity of methodological techniques and a plurality of theoretical approaches.

We invite interested scholars, practitioners and students of international relations, Canadian defense and security studies, political science, and related fields of study to join us on November 22, 2019 at Université Laval in Quebec City.

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